Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Reading and Non-Reading World

This is my first class in this program. I am still a little breathless that I am taking a class where not only do I get to read fun books and write about them, but the purpose of reading these books is to hone my skills at helping other people find books they want to read. And that I have to read good books and advise others for a grade.

Ok…breathe Carri, breathe…Ok.

See, I used to manage a used bookstore in Kokomo, and my absolute favorite part of that job was helping people find things to read. I wrote a blog post about it on the bookstore's blog. Now that I haven’t worked there for almost two years my skills might be a little rusty, but I’m really looking forward to practice.

My name is Carri Genovese, and as I said this is my first class. I graduated from IU Kokomo about four years ago with a Humanities degree and several minors. I live in South Broad Ripple (or Meridian Kessler, depending on who you ask) with my husband and two cats. We love our house and our neighborhood, sadly though, we are renting and should really probably buy a house because it’s cheaper and that’s what grown-ups do, so I am currently in the process of visiting lots of houses we can afford in neighborhoods I don’t like as well as mine. I left my job as assistant manager of a great local costume shop, Costumes by Margie, to start the program, so I am currently unemployed. I don’t mind it too much, but I will have to get a job soon so that my friends stop making housewife jokes.

My reading habits are eclectic, but I do veer heavily towards science fiction and fantasy. I love reading women like Virginia Woolf and Dorothy Parker, and I also enjoy non-fiction like Malcolm Gladwell and other social psychology type books. I love finding and reading wacky non-fiction books on random subjects I know nothing about. My collection includes books on abandoned mine shafts, winning carnival games, people who live in the tunnels beneath Las Vegas, and old time medicine shows. I am compelled to buy field guides to imaginary creatures whenever I see them. I love folklore, and really any aspect of story-telling, be it through fiction, graphic novels, video games, or any other medium. I believe strongly in free access to information, another reason I am excited about the program.

My husband and I role-play with a group of friends on a weekly basis, so I spend some time reading role-playing books to try to get a leg up on the GM. Mark writes role-playing games so one of my favorite things is finding books that will help him in his research. And then I get it for him, and he doesn’t read it soon enough, so then I read it and tell him the important parts.

Things I do that aren’t reading – I like camping and hiking, especially difficult trails that make you watch where you put your feet. Since I quit smoking in August, I’ve recently discovered that I enjoy exercising now that I can breathe. I’m trying to be a runner but I’m scared of ice. I was doing much better in September and October. I am a strict vegetarian but I’m not pretentious about it, and I really like bread and good cheese and good beer. I have a great respect for people who make things, like gardeners and engineers and seamstresses, and every once in a while I enjoy trying a hobby that grows from one of those, but it usually doesn’t last. I own gardening tools, a sewing machine, knitting needles, and a circular saw; I haven’t made anything from any of them but I might someday. I love spending time with my friends and family, laughing, and board games.

I am really looking forward to starting this program and specifically this class.

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